Competitive Crews

Myth: This is a women’s sport, there’s no room for men.
Fact: This is everybody’s sport!

Myth: It’s only for cancer survivors.
Fact: Far from it. While there ARE a number of survivor clubs, ours is not one of them. Our focus is on the sport as a whole and the joys of competition. Whether you’re a survivor (of any sort) or not.

Myth: It’s a once-a-year thing.
Fact: It’s a weekly, all-year long thing! We’re moving, lifting, running, pushing ourselves year-round so that we can be fast on the water in the summer.

There are two crew levels: sport and community. Sport crews are competitive crews who aspire to race their way to the regional and national championships, with an ultimate goal of vying for a berth to the World Championships. Community crews are newer crews who aspire to become sport crews, but don’t have sufficient experience to do so just yet.

We have single- and mixed-gender crews of various ages (18-39; 40+; 50+).

We are currently in our winter training season. We’re taking October off to try other things. Winter circuits start on November 7. Join us — your first two are free!

All participants must complete a waiver/release of liability before joining in. You can do that online here.

Email us at, or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll take it from there!