Italy 2024

Ever wanted to be Champion of the World?

Calling all athletes aged 30-70 to join us in a challenge: kick ass at the dragon boat Club Crew World Championships (CCWC) in Ravenna, Italy in 2024!!

If you missed your Olympic moment… here’s the next best thing! Being in the fray of the world’s best dragon boat teams battling it out for a spot on the podium.

How It Works

+ Crews are organized into classes (men’s, women’s, and mixed) and divisions (premier, 40+, 50+, and 60+).

+ Each country gets 5 entries (berths) per class + division

+ The USA awards its berths at the US Club Crew National Championships the year before the World Championships

+ Crews hoping to win a berth must qualify for US Nationals by competing at regional races

Why You Should Go For It

1. It’s BADASS

2. You’ll be part of a high-vibe crew

3. You get to travel to cool places and races

4. Italy, DUH!! (And the mosaic capital of the world at that!)

How are you going to medal in a sport you’ve never even tried, or maybe even heard of?

You’ve got grit.
We’ve got the best coaches around (and they’ve got the bling to prove it).
You love being on the water and a tight team spirit.
We’ve got the boats, the experience, and a plan.

Together we can make those dragon boats fly!

OK, This Sounds Amazing! What’s the Fine Print?

+ Join us on January 12 to learn more (or just sign up to get the deets)
+ Attend Wednesday group circuits November-April
+Join us in the indoor paddling tank in Montreal on 4/22/23 and 5/6/23
+ Show up to practice Monday and Wednesday nights May-September*
+ Follow a strength training program off the water (you can follow ours or your own)
+ Attend a mini-training camp in Montreal in May
+ Race with the team at regional races (typically 2-3 per season)

* We know you have a life and vacations planned and other shit you want to do. Missing a few practices is ok.

What About Cost?

Annual membership is typically around $50/month and includes all practices, the mini-training camp, a guided gym program, winter circuits, and entry fee to one regional race. Travel to and accommodations at away races are on you, but we always arrange for a room block, help you find a roommate to lower costs, coordinate a carpool, and more!

We have all the gear you need to get started, but eventually you’ll want to invest in your own paddle (around $200), PFD (around $70), and a butt pad (trust us, this will be the BEST $40 you’ll ever spend). And for racing, a team shirt or two will be around $50.

Anything Else?

+ Be a good teammate
+ Be the best athlete you can be
+ Share the load on any team fundraising, recruiting, or special events (there aren’t many)
+ Act with integrity on and off the water and represent team Malia with pride!