Thankful for the not-so-little things…



Where can you watch rainbows form after a summer rain?
Where can you share the wind in your hair as you watch the clouds rolling across the sky?
Where do you experience the most glorious sunsets over the Adirondack mountains?
Where do you work in synchrony with 22 teammates and power a boat through rough lake waters?
Where do you crave a paddle saddle after a few sessions of practice?
Where do you crawl out of the boat tired yet exhilarated because you and your teammates paddled a best time?
How else could you paddle onto the North Beach shore and share a creemee with your team?

At my age to be stronger and fitter than ever is a wonderful feeling. Knowing I am challenged to perform inspires me to work hard. My summer evenings would not be the same without practices on Lake Champlain. It has to be one of the most beautiful venues for paddling in the USA!

~ Annie S.

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