Paddler Profile: Denise G.

deniseRacing Class: Premier/Senior A

Why do you dragon boat?
It’s fun…in a twisted kick your ass way with the best teammates and coaches! It’s TEAM oriented. I do it for the challenge of a new sport, staying healthy & athletic. But mostly…  for the camaraderie of a team and coaches… who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

What motivates you?
The challenge of learning something new and getting better at it.

How did you get into the sport?
By accident. I was on a community team for a fundraising event and got hooked.

What would you say to others considering trying or joining Malia?
If you like the water, want to remain active, enjoy a challenge, want to learn from the top coaches in the sport and want to develop killer arms…you should give it a try!

Who are you?
Me? A 40-something athlete defeating the lure of the couch;  a Forensic Chemist (seriously, it’s nothing like CSI!) and; … I am … the “photo sniper!”

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